$25 for a canoeing trip for two

Looking for an outdoor adventure with minimal equipment cost and experience required?  If so, grab today’s Google Offer.  Today’s offer is an 8 mile canoe trip for two for only $25 (Reg. $50).

When it comes to outdoor adventure, it’s obvious that “wild and scenic” tops “dull and ugly.” But what might not be immediately clear is what it takes for a piece of river to get dubbed “wild and scenic” by the Department of Natural Resources. Find out by floating down eight miles of such a stretch in a two-person canoe courtesy of Clear Waters Outfitting Company. With undeveloped shores, clear, gentle water, and ample opportunity for spotting eagles and other rare birds, the remote expanse of the Mississippi between Clearwater and Monticello is ideal for paddling, relaxing, and enjoying the pristine natural landscape. This serene two to three hour adventure is sure to take your appreciation for one of the state’s greatest resources to a whole new level.

FYI- Clearwater is only an hour NW of Minneapolis.