30 days of biking: Yoga Crawl Ride

I guess it’s a yoga themed day on the blog today…

It’s spring time in Minneapolis, a magical time of year when we throw off the shackles of winter and get back outside.

Sometimes we go outside just for the sun on our necks and the squish of wet April mud between our toes. Other times we join up with a large group of bike riding fools and go do FREE YOGA in three locations all around the city!!!

…Guess which option THE YOGA CRAWL RIDE falls into…

Presented on the bike end by Re-Cycle and Recovery Bike Shop, along with 30 Days of Biking. On the yoga end we’re guided by One Yoga Nonprofit Yoga Studio, the YOGA Garden, and Ginny Marie Herman!

In every sense, this is a beginner friendly event. We will ride at a social pace, and the yoga will be 101 level.

If you’re an established yogi or biker, come out to help others feel more comfortable!

If you’re new to either (or both!) you are especially encouraged to show up! This community is about inclusion, and we will be SO SUPER PSYCHED to help introduce you to these wonderful things!

1) Your bike!
2) A smile!
3) A bike lock!
4) A yoga mat (if you’ve got one…we’ll have some available if not, too, though!)

And that’s it!


Tickets are free but limited.  Click here to claim yours!

Saturday, April 26, 2014