50% off admission to the Ice Castles

For a limited time, Twin Cities Daily Deals is offering 50% off admission for 2 or 4 to the Ice Castles at the Mall of America.

The Ice Castle at Mall of America is the largest Ice Castle of this kind ever built. Large ice pillars connect to create aseries of shimmering archways, tunnels, walls and caverns. Walls made of ice, rising 12-15 feet high, surround the perimeter. Twenty-foot towers of frozen wonder anchor the rectangular Ice Castle in each corner.

In the center of the Ice Castle courtyard looms the tallest frozen tower, that will reach more than 30 feet high. Latticed icicles connect icy columns to the tower, creating roomy caverns. Smaller tunnels entice kids to crawl through their cool interiors.

At night, the Ice Castle takes on a mysterious, even eerie, look, as tens of thousands of lumens of light illuminate the ice from within. As guests enter through a glistening archway the Ice Castle begins to work its magic. Imaginations run wild while gliding hands over the sturdy walls or leaning into the bulges and drizzles of ice — visitors may begin to see hoards of bloated jellyfish encapsulating the Ice Castle with their long tentacles, or they may see whimsical barbershop poles swirling with tiny snowflakes.