50% off the best Ethiopian food in the cities

Today’s Voice daily deal is $15 for $30 to spend at T’s Place.  T’s Place won the award for best Ethiopian food in the Twin Cities by City Pages in 2011.

Try the Ethio-Asian fried rice that’s light on the rice and heavy on the spicy chicken, eggs, and vegetables, which will feed you and your family for days. Meanwhile, traditionalists will savor the Yemismir Wot (split red lentils slow-cooked with onions and garlic in a flavorful berbere sauce) and the Tibs Firfir (cubes of lamb or beef sautéed in clarified butter with onions, garlic, tomatoes, and jalapeños, tossed with injera).

T’s Place
2713 E. Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406