50% off the Cindy Sherman exhibit at The Walker Art Center

If you need more flexibility and can’t take advantage of free admission days to the Walker, consider today’s Star Tribune Steal for 50% off admission to the museum and the Cindy Sherman exhibit.

Vita.MN described the Cindy Sherman exhibit as “a sizzling, not-to-be-missed international event” and that the Walker described her as “one of the most important and influential figures in contemporary art.” Comments as favorable as these certainly raised my eyebrows.  So who is Cindy Sherman???

Mining a limitless supply of images from movies, TV, magazines, the Internet, and art history, she captures herself in an astounding range of guises and personas—from screen siren to clown to aging socialite—in work that is by turns amusing and disturbing, distasteful and affecting. Besides model and photographer, she also acts as makeup artist, hairdresser, stylist, and wardrobe mistress, working with an arsenal of wigs, costumes, prosthetics, and props in creating her work. The resulting images offer a sustained, eloquent, and provocative exploration of the construction of contemporary identity and the nature of representation.

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