A highly recommended plumber

I’ve been meaning to put together this post for some time but haven’t had time to get around to it.  A year or two ago we had our water heater crack during winter.  When this happens, your water heater is totally busted and since it was winter, most plumbers knew that we were in a tough spot.  We started calling around for quotes.  I had read online that most water heater replacement jobs should be in the $400-500 range depending on the replacement water heater.  Due to our circumstances, all of the plumbers we got quotes from wanted $800-$1100!  Luckily, my boss was having work done on his home and so he asked his contractor if there was anyone he could recommend.  His contractor recommended Adams Heating & Cooling out of Little Canada, MN.  We called him and he delivered and installed a new water heater for less than $500.  He’s a straight up, honest guy that appreciates that charging a fair price and being a stand up guy is a good business strategy.  As is indicated in his business name, he also is skilled in working on heating and cooling systems (HVAC).  We are grateful that we haven’t needed to test his skills or pricing in that category!

Adams Heating & Cooling
165 Twin Lake Trail
Little Canada, MN 55127
mobile: 651-470-1638