Art Shanty Fundraiser

I’ve heard fabulous things about the previous Art Shanty Projects held on Medicine Lake but this year the event is not happening (probably due to funding issues).  The Art Shanty Project is a four-weekend exhibition of performance, architecture, science, art, video, literature, survivalism and karaoke.  The Art Shanty Project is part sculpture park, part artist residency and part social experiment, inspired by traditional ice fishing houses that dot Minnesota’s lakes in winter.  To make sure the Art Shanty Projects are back next year, attend the fundraiser being held this Saturday.

Art Shanty Projects has taken this year off the ice, but that doesn’t mean loyal fans need go cold turkey! On Saturday, February 12, we’ll be hosting an indoor party in the North Loop to raise funding for 2012 and unveil exciting plans for the future of the project.

Join organizers, long-time artists and fellow fans for food, drinks, entertainment and great company. This is an intimate opportunity to meet the artists off the ice and to get a snapshot of the on-ice experience without having to bundle up!

Here’s just a taste of what to expect:

♥ Snack on yummy fare from the ArtCar Taxi Shanty!
♥ Show your love in our photo booth!
♥ Bring art to exchange at the Art Swap Shanty!
♥ Break hearts in the Dance Shanty!
♥ Make hearts (valentines) at the Postal Shanty!
♥ Snag a limited-edition Art Shanty shirt or print your own!

$15-$25 suggested donation
(Help us get back on the ice)

Parking available: TractorWorks Parking Ramp 900 Washington Avenue North, side streets free, meters on Washington.

Feb. 12, 2011
801 Washington Avenue North, Minneapolis MN 55401
RSVP here!