BE PREPARED for The Haunted Basement

Tickets for The Soap Factory’s infamous Haunted Basement go on sale August 1!  It may seem like Halloween is really far away but this annual production always sells out.  You also want to get your tickets on August 1 if you are looking to get in on Halloween weekend.

The Haunted Basement is not a “haunted house” like you may have seen before.  The Haunted Basement is the equivalent of inserting yourself into a psychological thriller.  Last year, they had NINE people vomit and 407 people cried “uncle” to get the hell out of there before the end :)

If you are not someone who likes being scared (like me!). The Haunted Basement still has something to offer.  They will again be offering Scardy Cat tours on October 21 & 28, which will walk you through the artist-created installations with the lights on.  I went on a Scardy Cat tour last year because I was so curious what kind of crazy stuff was inside the infamous Haunted Basement.  I don’t have the guts to go in haunted houses designed for kids so this was a great option for me.  I will post more details on the Scardy Cat tours once they are available.

After going through the Haunted Basement Scardy Cat tour, I was set on volunteering for the Haunted Basement. It’s just such an amazing project and I really wanted to be a part of it on some level. My husband and I decided to take one shift as actors and a second shift at the front of the house.  Click here to read my recap from volunteering last year.  Every year The Soap Factory relies on volunteers to put this event on.  No prior experience is necessary, you simply have to go through a bit of training and be enthusiastic.  To obtain more infromation on volunteering, click here.  If you volunteer to work the front of the house, you may even get to squeeze in with a group and get to go in the basement with the guests.  I eventually got the guts to walk through last year as a guest and was shocked at how scared I was considering I knew exactly what I was in for.  When I exited, I was shaking like a leaf and had incredible energy!  If you really want to go in but can’t afford the hefty $22 ticket price, volunteering is the way to go.