Between Earth and Sky: Indigenous Star Lessons from Turtle Island

Science was not invented by European males during the Enlightenment; in fact, cultures around the world have been using “cutting edge technology” to explain and explore scientific phenomena since the beginning of human history. Using the advanced technology of the Bell Museum’s new ExploraDome program, Dakota science educator Jim Rock and Bell Museum Planetarium Education and Outreach Coordinator Sally Brummel will take us on a comprehensive journey of the night sky as the indigenous people of Minnesota see and understand it.

Jim Rock has taught chemistry, physics and astronomy at Wayzata High School for nearly 30 years, and developed the “Seek to Know” summer program at the University of Minnesota, in which students from around the country were introduced to an indigenous view of math and science that incorporated music, sacred sites, the river, and experiential learning.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
7pm – doors open at 6pm
Bryant Lake Bowl Theater
810 W Lake St.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Tickets: $5-12 (pay what you can)