Bike Bomb Seedshaker Ride

Join Amber Ginsburg and Joseph Madrigal for a FLO(we){u}R seed scattering bike ride. On each ride, visitors will carry a terra cotta dummy test bomb and embark on a journey to a seed dispersal site. By participating in a FLO(we){u}R Ride and dispersing white blooming plants you are re-interpreting a little known history.

All FLO(we){u}R rides launch from The Soap Factory. Routes are designed to include both bike paths and street bike lanes. Soap Factory Bike Captains will lead each FLO(we){u}R ride. Bikers are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch/snack and their camera.

May 6th to Bancroft Meadows and Powderhorn Park: departs 11:00am
Ride and seed scattering duration: 3 hours.  Ride ends at Powderhorn Park at the Mayday Parade.

May 13th at 3:00pm to Theodore Wirth Park

May 20th at 3:00pm to Northeast Minneapolis, coinciding with Art-A-Whirl

The Soap Factory
514 2nd St. SE