Blast Theory: A Machine to See With

This Walker Art Center production sounds like nothing I have ever heard of.  It’s almost impossible to comment on because I honestly have no idea what is in store for those who will attend/take part of/see this event.  If curious, read on further…

Arriving at your appointed street corner, you wait for your cell phone to ring. When it does, your journey through the city begins. Keep your eyes peeled for traps. You are the lead in a heist movie; it’s all about you.

Fresh from the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, A Machine To See With now focuses on Minneapolis as the setting for its one-of-a-kind cinematic experience conjured through a creative marriage of technology and storytelling. As participants navigate the riverfront and city streets, stories unfold with the help of precisely timed phone calls, exploiting the conventions of classic film noir and real-life surveillance. As the tension rises, it asks you to play a part, take risks, engage in games, and—drawing inspiration from the ongoing financial crisis—make the kind of ethical decisions we all, in the end, confront.

The adventure begins when you book a time, provide your cell phone number, and show up at an appointed location at St. Anthony Main in Minneapolis. Allow 60–75 minutes.

Each ticket holder must have a cell phone to participate (make sure it’s charged up!). Ticket holders are notified of the starting location by phone 60 minutes prior to their scheduled time. Participants will receive up to 45 minutes of local calls during the event and will be asked to walk throughout the St. Anthony Main area as part of their experience. Events take place regardless of weather.

April 15-19, 2011
Tickets $8-10
You must have a working cell phone to participate.