Bon Appetite named The Bachelor Farmer one of the best restaurants

Bon Appetite just named The Bachelor Farmer one of the Top 10 New Restaurants in the US!  It might not be the most budget friendly restaurant but it’s great to know you can get top notch food without an airline ticket!

Four thousand two hundred and eighty miles from the avant- garde kitchens of Copenhagen, there’s a different Scandinavian style going down. At the Bachelor Farmer (fans of NPR’s Prairie Home Companion will get the reference), you won’t find foraged moss or edible dirt, but rather stellar, contemporary riffs on traditional dishes like meatballs with lingonberries and mashed potatoes. But I didn’t fly to Minneapolis just for the food. Any meal here should start (and, frankly, end) with a visit downstairs to Pip Hanson and the stripped-down cocktails he shakes up at Marvel Bar, a kind of Nordic speakeasy located below its sister restaurant. From the moment I spotted the pegboard hung with all kinds of cocktail gadgets and tools behind the bar, I knew the guy was serious about his drinks. Turns out he’s serious about his ice, too: Hanson uses only pure, dense ice sculptors’ ice, which he hand-chips using a classic Japanese technique. It’s a small detail, but it makes a difference in many of his creations, including the Tomas Collins (think Tom Collins with aquavit and pickle brine) and the crazy-sounding but delicious Lincoln County, which is basically a whiskey Negroni steeped over lump charcoal to add an alluring smoky quality. And unlike many of his fellow bartenders, Hanson has a light touch when it comes to garnishes, bitters, and presentation. Why gild the lily when the drinks are already this good?—Andrew Knowlton

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