Bradstreet Craft House: Where to take your Valentine for a cocktail

Bradstreet Craft House is located in the 601 Graves Hotel.  That location alone should give you an initial indication that this bar and restaurant is SWANKY!  Bradstreet is dark, cozy and definitely luxe.

Bradstreet’s drinks are very unique and upscale.  The drinks are all hand crafted and take awhile to make.  To keep patrons occupied in the meantime, they give you a mini drink or amuse bouche while you wait.  The drink prices here aren’t inexpensive but are definitely worth a try for a special event (most fun drinks are about $10).  Plus, since these drinks are so fancy,  you will want to consume them slowly and savor the flavors.

Fresh, house-pressed juices and a wide assortment of house-made bitters and specially developed syrups, result in stunningly sensual drinks complete with table side flourishes that include mint “spanking” and orange zest flaming.

Attention is paid to the smallest of details and five different kinds of ice, including Kold Draft ice, which is 40% colder than regular ice and triple filtered ice, assure that each drink resists water and flavor dilution and is kept at the appropriate temperature.


The 5 Different Kinds of Ice

Last time we stopped in we were told that the machine that makes the ice spheres costs thousands of dollars and they have an employee whose sole job is to produce these magical ice spheres!

Bradstreet Craft House also serves food but I can’t say I have tried their menu yet.

Based on my blog stats it seems that people in the Twin Cities are looking for places to go and things to do on Valentine’s Day.  Fellas, this is the place to take your lady.  She’ll love it!

DEAL ALERT: Keep your eye out for free drink coupons in local magazines.