Championship winning cupcakes

Minnesota’s own Cupcake won the Food Network’s Cupcake Champions last night!

Here are Glee themed cupcakes that helped win the championship.  You can purchase these online or at their store for $3.25 each, probably for a limited time.
  • The Taco: This spicy chocolate cake is filled with a strawberry jalapeno salsa an topped with a creme fresh frosting with a cinnamon sugar chip on top. Better than any cafeteria taco!
  • The Slushie: This red velvet cupcake is filled with a cola flavored ganache and topped with elderberry buttercream and a house made chocolate straw. You wouldn’t mind having it thrown in your face!
  • The Anti Bully: Our peanut butter cake is filled with a raspberry jam and topped with our amazing cream cheese frosting and covered with a raspberry glaze.
  • The Purple Piano: Our chocolate cake is filled with orange caramel and topped with our simple vanilla frosting
  • The Pom Pom: Vanilla cake is filled with lemon cured and topped with meringue and rolled in red and white coconut. Go Cougars!
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Minneapolis, MN 55414