ChocoVine chocolate wine – yum!

Chocolate wine sounds like a total gimmick but I am a believer in Europa’s ChocoVine. ChocoVine is a fine French Cabernet subtly combined with dark chocolate from Holland (14% alcohol by vol.).  This wine has a very rich chocolate flavor that substantially covers up the wine taste in case you aren’t a huge fan of red wines.  Europa also makes a chocolate raspberry version, which I have yet to try.

I have found the best way to drink this wine is to blend 1/3 ChocoVine with 2/3 ice.  It’s fantastic!  You definitely don’t want to drink this straight up as it’s rather thick and sweet.  For more ChocoVine drink recipe ideas, click here.

This wine is great to give as a gift or to bring to parties.

DEAL ALERT:  Merwin’s Liquors has ChocoVine on sale for $7.99 (reg. $12) and will provide FREE DELIVERY to most of the Metro Area.