RESCHEDULED: Cinema in the Cemetery: Dracula (1931)

Due to inclement weather, this event was rescheduled to Wednesday, October 9th.

In 1931, as Tod Browning was shooting Dracula with Bela Lugosi, George Melford was shooting from the same script on the same sets at night with a Spanish language cast and crew. Long thought lost, the film was re-found in the 1970s, showing how wildly different the films are. Many now argue Melford’s film is the better version. Take-Up, in conjunction with All-Star Video, is proud to present Melford’s classic monster film as a benefit for the Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery, one of the oldest integrated cemeteries in the country with prominent abolitionists, civil war veterans and founders of Minneapolis buried side by side.

The film will be shown at Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery, which is located at the intersection of Lake Street and Cedar Avenue in South Minneapolis.

Arrive early to enjoy a trailer reel from 1931 and hunt around the beautiful cemetery.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
2945 Cedar Avenue South
$5 suggested donation – can be made payable online