Club Haus: Game of Thrones Night

Lords and Ladies, Wildlings and Wargs, Friends Who Got Dragged Along and Dads Who Thought This Was Their College Reunion,

Gather your banners and flock to Bauhaus Brew Labs by foot, ship, horse, or Hodor for a night of sigil making and Game of Thrones trivia! We’ll have all the supplies you’ll need to craft your very own house sigil and shield, including Valyrian steel scissors and Weirwood cardstock paper.

Following the sigil making, there will be an hour of Game of Thrones themed team trivia. Are you wiser than Maester Aemon? Better read than Samwell Tarly? More cunning than the Queen of Thorns? Hotter than Hot Pie? Then summon the spirit of the Old Gods and ride into brain battle with us.

Winners get free brew. Losers get pushed through the Moon Door. Wheeeeee!

Club Haus is a collaborative event series organized by Grown-Up Club and Bauhaus Brew Labs.


Will the trivia questions be based on information from the books or the show?
Questions will primarily come from the show, with a few book nuggets thrown in.

Can I just come for trivia and skip sigil making?
Sure, but Club Haus events fill up fast so you might not find a seat.

When does Game of Thrones premiere?
Sunday, April 24th.

Thursday, April 21, 2016
Brewhaus Brew Labs
1315 Tyler St. NE