Delacroix’s Influence: The Rise of Modern Art from Cézanne to van Gogh

There is quite a lot of buzz around the new Delcacroix’s Influence exhibit at MIA!

He was the engine of revolution that helped transform French painting of the 19th century. And the younger generation, from Degas to van Gogh, scrambled to keep pace. At his death in 1863, Eugène Delacroix was the most revered artist in Paris. This ground-breaking exhibition will investigate how this last painter of the Grand Style was also one of Europe’s first modern masters.

This exhibit is normally $20 but members can see it for FREE on the following days.  October 27, November 8, November 10, November 19, Dcember 8, December 13, December 17, January 10.

By the way, did you know membership is FREE?