Discount tickets: Danger 101

Goldstar is offering a limited number of discount tickets to Danger 101 by The Danger Committee for $15 + fees (Reg. $30).

The Danger Committee has brought its trademark blend of spine-tingling thrills and hilarious comedy to NBC’s America’s Got Talent and to venues around the world. At Danger 101, you’ll learn how the trio of mayhem maestros came together and brought their knife throwing, stun-gun juggling, yo-yo magic and other death-defyingly stupid routines to life. Learn how knife thrower Reynaldo teamed with a pair of jugglers despite the fact he loathed juggling. Get the inside scoop on a proposed alternate character who never materialized: Dr. Ernst Von Schmelling. Educate yourself like never before via an entire history of the yo-yo. It all adds up to an evening of definite comedy and possible tragedy with The Danger Committee.

Brave New Workshop
824 Hennepin Ave.