Discount tickets: Star Wars Meets Shakespeare in Hamluke

The Force is strong with young Hamluke, who’s led on a comedy-filled quest for vengeance by Ghosty Wan Kenobi in this pop-culture parody, which first appeared with an acclaimed, sold-out run in the 2011 Minnesota Fringe Festival. This clever mix of Star Wars and Shakespeare, who knew a little something about the dark side, is also populated by plenty of favorites from a galaxy far, far away, including Wookies, droids and Jedis. The two-man comedy company known as Dana’s Boys created this well-reviewed show, which should tide you over till the much-anticipated Star Wars movie comes out in December.

Goldstar is offering a limited number of discounted tickets in the $5-9 range.  Multiple dates are available.

Pheonix Theatre
2605 Hennepin Ave.