Discount tickets: Stomp!

Take advantage of discount ticket offers for Stomp!  Stomp is at the Ordway Ocotber 18-23, 2016.  Tickets start at $37.50 + fees (Reg. $63).

STOMP has been a staple for decades, and it never ceases to amaze. Everyday objects — matchboxes, hubcaps, brooms, buckets, garbage cans and pretty much anything else you can think of — become vehicles for brilliant music and unique rhythms, all performed by an energetic eight-person troupe that dances and pounds their away across the stage. The show also features comedic moments and lots of audience participation, placing you right in the action. The percussive sounds that will fill St. Paul’s Ordway Center For the Performing Arts are unlike anything you’ve ever heard, and it’s amazing to think that it’s all coming from stuff you can find laying around the house. Just resist the urge to create your own at-home performance — your neighbors might not be as impressed.

Last time Stomp was in town I gave it a rave review, click here to read.