Fire Cannot Kill A Quizmaster: A ‘Game of Thrones’ Quiz

On Saturday, June 14th your QM becomes your Daenerys – we will set you free – to test your mettle and knowledge of HBO’s groundbreaking series at Fire Cannot Kill A Quizmaster: A ‘Game of Thrones’ Quiz. For those of you who went to the first one, this will be bloodier, geekier, and with a 100% more dead Joffreys! 

Cheaters will be subject to a red wedding of their own and you whiney Lannisters who only want us to ask questions from the book will be served wildfire. This quiz will focus primarily on the episodes broadcast to date, with some wildling questions drawn from the relevant books, so study well like Samwell Tarly and get ready to stab the opposition like that bastard Jon Snow. 

Admission to the realm comes at a price – either bring us a daughter we can enslave into marriage, a necklace or hairnet laced with poison, or $5 (no coins, paper currency please). The victors shall be awarded a fat purse, we promise. Bring your friends, your direwolves, and your dragons- the more commoners who play, the more riches for you to shower upon whores post-quiz. 

Remember, valar morghulis and what is dead may never quiz, so get your Game of Throne fix before Arya can poke you with her needle. As George RR Martin once warned, “for every person who doesn’t come to a Geeks quiz, I kill a Stark.”

Please review the FAQs if you’re unsure how these quizzes are run.

Saturday, June 14, 2014
Zeke’s Unchained Animal
3508 E Lake St.
$5 entry per person