Free Bike Repair Classes

Springtime is a beautiful thing. The grass grows greener every day; rainstorms wash away those pesky, hold-out snowbanks; and the smell of damp pavement fills the air. And with Springtime comes all of those laborious Springtime Projects, the ones you’ve been planning all Winter long: cleaning, gardening, painting, house repairs, bike repairs – it goes on and on!

It’s like the whole season is just one big to-do list!

Well, we’d like to help check Bike Repair off of yours.

So starting on Monday May 4, join us at Recovery Bike Shop for a whole week of free bike repair workshops – some guided, some unguided – to help get you ready for Springtime, for Minneapolis Bike Week, and beyond!

All classes are completely free of charge and run from 7-9pm.

The first three classes will be guided courses with a specific goal in mind, like learning how to fix a flat, or how to adjust your gears. The latter two classes are open shop format, where we have mechanics there to help you learn, but you dictate your own focus.

Monday May 4 – Fix-A-Flat*

Tuesday May 5 – Brakes and Gears*

Wednesday May 6 – Bearings*

Thursday May 7 – Grease Rag Open Shop (Women/Trans*/Femme only)

Friday May 8 – Open Shop (all are welcome)

* = guided workshop

Recovery Bike Shop
2504 Central Ave.