Free cooking classes at Kitchen Window: Feb. 19-20

Uptown’s fabulous Kitchen Window offers many cooking classes and many classes are free on February 19-20 (limit two per person, each extra class is $25).  The free class topics include:

Stock Answers (Feb. 19, 10am): learn to make homemade stock

One Great Bird (Feb. 19, 11:30am): learn the secrets of roasting chicken

Searlingly Quick, Easy & Delicious (Feb. 19, 1pm): learn to sear meat and create pan sauces

Stand Out Sides (Feb. 19, 2:30pm): secrets of side dishes

Not Your Mother’s Pot Roast (Feb. 20, 10am): learn to make the perfect pot roast

Under the Sea (Feb. 20, 11:30am): learn the basics of cooking fish and seafood

Building Flavor (Feb. 20, 1pm): learn the art of seasoning

Wok this Way (Feb. 20, 2:30pm): learn the fundamentals of stir-fry

If you are interested, you should sign up soon as class sizes are limited.  If a class is full, be sure to sign up for the wait list.  If there is a lot of demand, perhaps they will continue to offer additional classes.