Free plants from Buchanan Street Farms!

Buchanan Street Farms is just another reason to adore the Twin Cities and the people that live here.

In the fall of 2011 while attending school for business management Michael shared a moment in his front yard that would change his life forever. Two neighbors that had lived in his neighborhood for several years gathered in Michael’s front yard after receiving some produce grown by the residents of The Buchanan House. To his amazement Michael learned that, although these neighbors had been living very close to one another, they had never met. That is the moment that Michael’s choice of career had changed. What he had learned is that simple sharing of food can bring people in a community together like nothing else can. That’s when Michael decided to change his focus to urban food systems and decided to utilize every square foot of his yard to bring fresh, healthy, locally grown, chemically free produce to his community.

Buchanan Street Farms has tomatoes, peppers and other miscellaneous plants for your gardens that will be given away this Saturday for free!  Wasted vegetable plants aren’t good for anyone so please pick some up for yourself and also tell your friends!

Buchanan Street Farms also hosts a variety of gardening classes for kids throughout summer.  Be sure to “like” Buchanan Street Farms on Facebook for updates on various offerings and class info!

Claim your FREE plants Saturday, June 23, 2012 from 8:30am-10:30am.

2407 Buchanan Street NE
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418