Geeks Who Drink: Stupid Gets You Killed: A Walking Dead Quiz

Do you have a tank full of zombie heads in your office? Have you called someone’s baby “Little Ass Kicker”? Will you riot of Daryl dies? If so, grab your gear and get ready for a run into town on Wednesday, October 28th for Stupid Gets You Killed: A Walking Dead Quiz!

The quiz will cover the first 5 seasons of the show and you can expect a handful of questions about the comics, games and pretty much anything else with “The Walking Dead” in its name. Bring your friend who still insists the comics are better if you want to take home the top prize. We’re leaving off Fear the Walking Dead this time around, so you can focus on the adventures of Rick, Michonne and that kid that always seems to be missing.

Our theme quizzes are $5 per player. Winners will take home a cash prize to spend on samurai swords and cans of pudding. Losers will be asked to look at the flowers. Our regular rules apply. Teams are limited to six survivors and you’ll need to switch off your walkie-talkies until after the quiz. Morgan is just going to have to wait. Cheaters will lose an eye. Or a leg. Or their head.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Mattie’s Lanes
365 Concord Exchange N
South St. Paul
Cost: $5 per player