Geeks Who Drink: The Truth is Out There: An X-Files Quiz

Have you ever seen Elvis in a potato chip? Are you now or have you ever considered yourself a “shipper”? Do you still, desperately, want to believe? If so, grab your tin foil hat and join us on Saturday, January 23rd for The Truth is Out There: An X-Files Quiz. That’s one day before the show makes its glorious return to TV, so get caught up on all 9 seasons of the show (and the two movies) and join us for a good old fashioned UFO party.

Our theme quizzes are $5 per player (cash only) and will last about two and a half hours. Winners will take home a cash prize to spend on nonfat Tofutti rice dreamsicles. Other than the buy-in, our regular quiz rules apply. Teams are limited to six agents and leave your phones in your pocket. Cheaters will answer to the smoking man.

Saturday, January 23, 2016
The Cardinal
2920 E 38th St.