Good Earth Rainforest Tea: A warm tropical escape

Right now I am sipping Good Earth’s Rainforest Red Tea.  The flavor of this tea is wonderfully fruity, mild and great for someone, like me, who does not like green or black tea.  I added a sprinkle of stevia to make it perfect and add a touch more sweetness.  This tea lives up to its name and tastes as it is from the tropics.    It’s a wonderful thing to drink on a cold day. 

Rooibos or red tea is high in antioxidants and caffeine free so drink up – it’s good for you!

Ingredients: Red Rooibos, Hibiscus, Chicory Root, Blackberry Leaves, Natural Flavors (Guava, Acai), Orange Peel and Ginger Root.

$4.49/18 bags
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