GUEST POST: Firkin Friday’s at Grumpy’s Nordeast

Due to my general dislike of beer, I sent my husband to scope out the scene at Grumpy’s Nordeast for Firkin Fridays.  Here’s his report.

Let me tell you, this is the real deal.  Let’s start with the beer.  For those of you not in the know, a firkin is a small keg, typically a quarter barrel.  Grumpy’s, which is known for its selection of craft and quality imported beers and ales, picks up a firkin of a cask conditioned ale and serves it up to patrons from an old-school hand-pull tap.  Last Friday, the ale on tap was Fulton’s delicious Libertine.  It goes down quite nicely, so I’ll definitely be heading over to the taproom to pick up a growler before they run out.  Also, if you show up before 6:00, you can take advantage of happy hour and save $1/pint.  Not bad.

But Firkin Fridays are about more than the beer.  No sir!  Grumpy’s usually throws in some tasty appetizers for free to help soak up the awesome beer and keep you clear-headed enough to order another.  When I came in on Friday, after I ordered my beer, I looked around and saw not a single morsel of food except for a frozen Heggie’s pizza.  I was ready to chalk it up to hype and move on when I ran into a friend from law school who asked me if I saw the pig in the back.  That piqued my interest.  “What pig?” I asked.  “The whole pig they’ve been roasting since 1:00 this afternoon in the cuban pit roaster,” he said.  I’m not sure if an angel inhabited his body for a brief moment, but sweeter words have never been uttered in a crowded neighborhood bar.  Although it took a while, slow roasted pork is always worth the wait.  And for free?!  You literally cannot go wrong.  They try different things every week, so it’s unlikely they’ll have another feast like this, but it goes to show you just never know what to expect.  I’ll definitely be back.

2200 4th Street NE
Minneapolis ,MN