Hot Rod Car Show

Do I have any hot rod lovin’ readers?

Join us on October 13th as we visit with land speed racers and get a guided tour of a real land speed record-holding racer built here in Minnesota. Ask race team-members all about what is involved racing with the “pedal to the metal” across a vast flat expanse of desert at well over 100 mph. We will be able to start the car and rattle your fillings! View in-cockpit videos of cars careening down the salt, as well as videos of other notable Speedweek activities. You may have been reading about this in hot rod magazines since you were young, and now is your chance to get some first hand knowledge and see what goes on close up!

Rain or Shine.
Bring a hot rod if you have one!
Free food and drink!

Saturday, October 13, 2012
Studio Bricolage
1188 Hubbard Ave.
St. Paul