King Tut Exhibit is almost here! Get your tickets now!

(c) Stephanie Kwong, all rights reserved

I had the pleasure of traveling throughout Egypt in November of 2010.  I was able to see King Tut’s treasures in the Antiquities Museum in Cairo.  Therefore, you may ask why I am so excited about the upcoming King Tut Exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota.  I am excited because ever since my trip to Egypt, I’ve only become more obsessed with the country and it’s treasures.  I want to relive the experience all over again.  The things I saw in Egypt were beyond words.  I strongly encourage you to see this Exhibit as it will, no doubt, be fantastic.

The Exhibit opens February 18 but tickets are already available for purchase.  The Exhibit runs through Sept. 5.

I had a hard time finding promotions and discounts for the museum.  The museum does offer discounts for those with limited income.  Membership is also a way to save on admission if you visit the museum frequently.

NOTE: King Tut was buried in a tomb cut in the desert mountains at the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, not at the Pyramids in Giza.