Learn to be Latina

“Explosively funny, entertainingly offensive” —San Francisco Weekly

The politics of ethnic and sexual identity take center stage in comic playwright Enrique Urueta’s Learn To Be Latina, winner of the national Great Gay Play Contest. Mercilessly off-color, the show offers a riotous take on cultural appropriation—and what makes a pop culture star.

The aspiring Hanan is hot, but FAD Records thinks she’s unmarketable because she’s Lebanese. But if the budding diva can learn to think, sound, and act like the next J.Lo, FAD reasons she can “keep the West and forget the rest.” Desperate for fame, Hanan surrenders her ethnic identity for Latin pop stardom in this satirical rags-to-riches allegory. Replete with a dominatrix ethnic consultant, a scene-stealing bilingual hand puppet, and wild song and dance numbers, Learn To Be Latina is ultimately a coming out tale with heart.

See Learn to be Latina for FREE with Mixed Blood’s Radical Hospitality Program.  Reserved tickets are $15.

Playing April 19 (preview)–May 13, 2012
Mixed Blood Theatre
1501 S 4th St.