The Minneapolis St. Paul Beer School

September 19th marks the start of a new semester of the Minneapolis St. Paul Beer School. Beer School holds classes Wednesday evenings at Republic • Seven Corners.

Though there will be beer in every class, our goal at BBSU is not simply to just drink beer, but to educate you on all aspects of the beer community, giving you the tools and knowledge to help you become completely well rounded and informed. Here at BBSU we believe, that “an educated beer drinker is a better beer drinker.”

So, in addition to all of the great beers you will get to sample and brewers you’ll get to meet, we’ll also bring in special guests such as hop growers & maltsters, learn more about the distribution networks, MN laws, brewpubs vs. breweries, etc…

This semester will be 13 weeks.  The pre-sale cost per semester is $42.39 w/service fee (click here for purchasing info).  Your tuition will include your supplies (notebook, beer samples, pint glass, how-to-brew DVD, and catalog) from “Northern Brewer”.

Wednesdays starting Steptember 19th, 2012
221 Cedar Ave. S