My plug for alpine strawberries

I purchased a few alpine strawberry plants at the Friends School Plant Sale this year and they have far exceed my expectations.  I cannot recommend growing these berries enough!  Alpine strawberries look different than traditional strawberries, which initially turned me off but I am so glad that I gave them a shot because they taste much sweeter and the harvests are impressive.  The fragrance and taste of these berries surpass any traditional strawberry, even homegrown.  I’ve posted a picture above of today’s harvest.  I have been getting about this amount daily from four plants since early summer!  They just keep producing tasty fruit nonstop!  So far, I have had no pest problems and they have thrived during the hot and cool times.  They also do not seem to require a lot of water.

Definitely consider planting alpine strawberries next year in your garden or even on a container outside.  To read more on the variety, click here.