Need garage service?

When something in my house breaks I always groan.  I groan not only because it means it will cost money to fix but because in many cases I will have to find someone to fix said broken item and pray they will not screw us over by charging a fortune for a relatively easy task.  When our garage door was acting crabby, I called the company that serviced our garage door last time and they wanted $90 to come over and evaluate the problem.  This seemed ridiculous to me and I had to search for other options.  I then researched garage door repairmen on google and found that 1st Choice American Garage Door Co. of Brooklyn Park, MN received overwhelmingly positive reviews online.  My experience was inline with those positive reviews.  Larry was prompt, knowledgable, courteous, fast working and most importantly, charged us a very fair fee for the work that was needed.  Our garage door needed a drum balanced and it took him about 5-10 minutes to do.  For the drive over and the repair we were charged a total of $30 (estimates are free, however, I take travel time into consideration when determining a fair fee).  Our garage door has been working fabulously since.  I would not hesitate to contact him next time we need service for our garage.

1st Choice American Garage Door  Co.
6409 83rd Court North, Minneapolis, MN 55445
tel.: (612) 860-6909 ‎