BIKEFUN presents: The Night Games Ride

Remember when you were a kid and late on summer nights you’d run circles around the neighborhood with your friends, playing night games? Yeah, let’s do that, but on bikes.

We’ll start a Loring Park at 7:00 and play a few shorter games, so folks can join as they arrive. Then, around 8, we’ll leave for Gold Medal Park where we’ll play ghost in the graveyard. And after we’ve chased our fill of ghosts, we’ll bike over to Washburn Fair Oaks park to play kick the can and/or flashlight tag in the dark.

WHEN: Saturday, August 6, 2016 at 7pm
WHAT: Reveling in nostalgia by playing night games as an adult.
WHERE: Starting in Loring Park, biking to other nearby parks.
DISTANCE: The route should only be about 5 miles, and the pace will be slow.
BRING: Yourself, your bike, a flash light (or removable bike light), water, and a thirst for adventure.