UPDATED: Rusty Quarters Arcade

UPDATE: Starting June 12, 2012 – all games will be 50 cents each due to financial difficulties.  If you haven’t gotten to Rusty Quarters yet, you may wish to do so before the price increase.  There’s also the chance they will go out of business.

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All games are just 25 cents!  Plus they have old-school jars of candy starting at 25 cents to ensure that you get the full arcade experience.  

Back in the 80’s…
Video Arcades were everywhere. This was the place that you could hang out with your friends after school and spend the rest of your lunch money. This was the place that you begged your parents to drop you off every Saturday. This was the place where you challenged your friends to a “friendly” game of Mario Brothers that turned into a personal vendetta to double-cross your opponent, with a crab on his back. This is the place that people cheered you on as you grabbed that last pellet, jumped over that barrel, or finally fought that final boss.This was the place that you would give anything to get your 3 initials on the High Score game screen.
In the 80’s, Video Games were the pinnacle of entertainment. You couldn’t wait to drop in a quarter in the bright shinny box with the glowing marquee. Even if your game only lasted 30 seconds or so, there’s this feeling that the outside world didn’t matter and all of your problems could be solved if you just had enough lives to dodge that hammer, drop that rock or shoot that robot. There’s excitement and pure magic in that feeling… And we want to bring that Magic back!
Welcome to Rusty Quarters Retro Arcade & Museum. We’re Bringing back all of your favorite arcade games from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Feel like a kid again playing one of our nostalgic games or bring down the family for a full day of fun. Here at Rusty Quarters, We have Something fun for everyone!

Highlights include Donkey Kong, Defender, DigDug (and those are just the games that start with ‘D’). Click here for a full game list.

HOT TIP: Free parking in back

Rusty Quarters Arcade & Museum
818 West Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408