OverExposure: What’s New?

OverExposure: What’s New? is a multi-media exhibit featuring over 1020 images by 15 photographers spanning 102 neighborhoods in the Twin Cities.

What’s New? A 5-year OverExposure project began in 2006, when the board discussed a pattern of emerging social trends: unprecedented urban demographic changes; an expansion in the immigrant and refugee communities; growth in high-density urban living and the devastation of rising home foreclosures. These issues prompted a decision to initiate What’s New?, with the goal to create a photography project that would present neighborhood narratives, increase the public’s understanding of emerging community issues and provide photographers an opportunity to work within local communities. In 2007 a call for artists was made available for photographers to apply to participate in the project. The exhibit at CO Exhibitions is a culmination of the project’s entire span. The work will be presented in multi-media format through projections as well as physical prints. The exhibition also celebrates the launching of the What’s New? OverExposure website an interactive map which not only enables viewers to select and view photographs by the neighborhood but also spotlights the participating photographers. The reception will also feature live music from Chris Strouth of Paris 1919 and light refreshments, as well as a chance to meet the participating artists and community members.

Opening reception is Saturday, March 16, 2013
CO Exhibitions
1101 Stinson Blvd NE
Suite 2