RECAP: The Haunted Basement

After learing about the Haunted Basement, I’ve always been curious about it from an artistic perspective.  I then learned about the Fraidy Cat tours they were holding and jumped at the chance to see what it’s like without any of the scares.  After the Fraidy Cat tour I was in awe of how incredible the Haunted Basement is and wanted to be a part of it.  My husband and I decided to take-on two volunteer shifts.  We worked on shift at the front of the house and another as actors.

As actors, we chose the coffin room.  In this room, guests were split up from their groups of four and blacked-out safety glasses were positioned over their eyes.  As they blindly walked into the coffin room, we messed around with them by brushing up against their leg, wispering things into their ears and whatever other crazy things we could think of.  My husband had a neat idea and would take a plywood board and place it in front of the guest.  In every direction they walked, they ran into the board.  It was great.  After sufficient messing around, we led each guest into a coffin.  Some coffins were upright and others were laying down.  Before the door was shut, the glasses were removed as to reveal our ghastly costumes.  Many guests did not enjoy being in the coffins, especially the nasty fake fur lined one, and tried to get out.  The only way to get out however, was to say the word “Uncle” or for us to let them out once we thought that they were ready.  We had to try to hold them in as best we could.  It was the most physically and mentally demanding thing I’ve ever done.

Working the front of the house on Halloween was much easier in comparison and also very fun.  I eventually got the guts to walk through and was shocked at how scared I was considering I knew exactly what I was in for.  When I exited, I was shaking like a leaf and had incredible energy!  I was so proud of myself – I survived!!

If you want to see what it’s all about, watch the amazing Haunted Basement V recap video online at MPLS.TV!

TIP FOR NEXT YEAR:  Order your tickets very early (start checking late August-September).  Although there are roughly 10,000 openings, The Haunted Basement sells out every year.