RECAP: Dirty Girl Mud Run

PicMonkey Collage.jpgI was invited to check out the Dirty Girl 5K Mud Run on Saturday in Blaine.  I generally dislike running at a means of exercise so I figured the obstacle and mud aspects of this run would make it interesting enough for me.  I’m not in terribly good shape but that didn’t matter.  Most of the participants were walking after the first obstacle.  It was a no-pressure atmosphere.  Part of why many people were walking was the terrain.  Most of the trail was tall grass that was cut down and left on the path.  It was like running on pillows.  Not only did the trail absorb a lot of energy but it also was very uneven with divots, holes, sticks and whatnot.  In this respect, it was more physically demanding than your typical 5K road race.

I enjoyed the climbing obstacles but found the mud pits a bit mundane after the first.  I actually skipped one because I was already coated in mud and I didn’t feel like simply wading through a plain ol’ pit that would add another 2 pounds of mud and moisture to my body.  I also ran past two of the obstacles that had very long lines because I got bored waiting.  I estimate that it would have taken about 45 minutes to an hour to complete those two obstacles, however, I expect that the wait was a welcomed breather by many.

I think part of having fun at an event like this is making it your own.  Do you want to achieve a PR? Do you want an excuse to dress up silly? Do you want to bond with family or friends?  It’s easy to get what you want out of the Dirty Girl Mud Run.

I was a bit surprised to get to the event and discover that the advertised t-shirts and beer were not available for participants. Many people were upset over this bait and switch, but it is good that the event even happened given a recent change in ownership of the event due to financial problems.

DEAL ALERT: For a limited time, they are offering 50% off registration for 2015.  Click here for more information.

Are you interested in participating in a mud run?  Based on my experience, here are my Mud Run Tips:

  • Go with a group! It’ll help keep you moving, will provide conversation for down-time and post-race photo opps will be more fun.
  • Plan on spending a lot of time at the event.  Wait times for obstacles can be lengthy, as well as the lines for cleaning off.
  • Wear clothes you don’t care will get ruined. This may seem obvious but just wearing dark colors is a bit risky if they are expensive items.
  • Wear cheap sunglasses that will also serve as goggles
  • Do ankle strengthening exercises before the race. The uneven ground will test your ankles.
  • Definitely wear pants that cover your knees. The bottom of the pits have gravel (ouch!).