RECAP: Tour de Fat

I expected Tour de Fat to be a fun time but I did not except for it to be as amazing as it was!  I’m so glad I finally made it for the first time this year.  The weather was spectacular and even though the 10am start time was early, Peace Coffee was there to get everyone perky with free coffee.  They also had a pre-parade performance by the Rymansese Twins accompanied by gogo dancers with bike bell accompaniment.  From the start, everyone there was in a great mood.  The 4 mile costume-preferred bike parade kicked off and ended at Loring Park.  I was affraid that 4 miles wasn’t enough of a ride but it ended up being perfect.  You have to ride slow anyways because there are so many people.  It was really nice to chat with your neighbors, meet new people, talk about their cool bikes and marvel in the awesomeness of it all.  The whole way bike bells were chiming, music was blaring from mobile speakers and there were even a few bikes with bubble machines on the back.  The ride was magical.

Once we finished the loop, the party began.  There were food trucks, vendors and lots of things to do.  There were games everwhere including a slinky race, life size Jenga game and more.  They also had activities like make your own button for $1 and screen printing t-shirts for $5.  At the main stage, they had a variety of performers from music to yo-yo tricks.  I think the largest attraction was the unusual bike ring in where attendees could try bikes like you’ve never seen before (e.g. a tank style bike).  It was fantastic people watching and a thoroughly entertaining day.

One final impression I’d like to convey is that this event is for everyone.  There were young kids with their parents, college kids, yuppies, hippies, weirdos, senior citizens and everyone in between.  There’s something for everyone to enjoy and you’d only feel out of place if you had a frown on your face.

Be sure to take a look at my photos from this event in the slideshow below!