REVIEW: A Christmas Carol

‘Tis the season once again, and the Guthrie Theater is gracing the stage with its timeless rendition of A Christmas Carol. If you’ve caught this show at the Guthrie before, you might be tempted to think, “been there, done that.” However, that assumption would be far from the truth. The Guthrie consistently breathes new life into this classic tale, delivering a fresh and captivating experience year after year. The level of creativity and commitment they pour into each rendition is truly commendable.

For many years, Nathainel Fuller donned the role of Scrooge, leaving behind a legacy that seemed almost impossible to match. In recent times, Matthew Saldivar has not only stepped into those substantial shoes but has filled them with such finesse that it’s evident he’s here to stay in this iconic role.

Now celebrating its 49th year, the Guthrie’s annual production of A Christmas Carol continues to exceed expectations. Returning patrons from last year’s performances will notice an uptick in successful comedic elements and a Christmas Future ghost that is downright terrifying, leaving audiences wide-eyed in awe. It’s important to mention that this production, with its intense and occasionally scary moments, may not be suitable for children under the age of 12.

One of the enchanting aspects of the Guthrie’s A Christmas Carol is its stark contrast to the commercialized holiday spectacle that has become the norm. It serves as a refreshing reminder of the quieter, simpler Christmas moments of yesteryears, invoking a sense of warmth and nostalgia.

While I wholeheartedly recommend catching this production, it’s worth noting that some audience members found certain dialogues challenging to hear or understand throughout the performance. Nonetheless, this minor caveat doesn’t overshadow the overall enchantment and magic of the Guthrie’s A Christmas Carol, making it a must-see during the festive season.

A Christmas Carol is at the Guthrie Theater through December 30, 2023. Tickets start at $34 but prices generally go up as the season progresses, so act quickly.

photo by Dan Norman