REVIEW: Age Against the Machine

The Brave New Workshop is celebrating their 60th anniversary! To kick off the season, Age Against the Machine features a recap of some of The Brave New Workshop’s recent greatest hits from the past year or so. It’s a collection of sketches that have previously been performed, which implies perhaps that this is a “lazy” show in that no new material is prepared. That assumption isn’t warranted, however. Although none of the sketches are entirely new, each selected sketch was reviewed, considered and updated both to keep up with how much the world has changed in the past few months but also so that it flows with the rest of the show. This leaves the show feeling fresh and keeps you on your toes, even if you’re a BNW regular. Age Against the Machine is a fabulous way to catch up if you’ve missed some of the year’s productions and is also a really nice night out if you’ve seen it all before.

Age Against the Machine is at The Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis through June 16, 2018.

DEAL ALERT: Some discount tickets may be available, click here for more info.  In addition, take note of happy hour squared in which discount tickets can be obtained with a little volunteer work!