REVIEW: All I Want for Christmas is You…To Elf Off

The Brave New Workshop is back with their holiday sketch comedy show “All I Want for Christmas is You…To Elf Off.There’s always a lot of spirit that goes into this finale production for the year. After coming off of a substantially recycled show, the BNW put in the effort to put together a fresh production, which may have been difficult given there are about 65 years of Christmas shows they’ve produced in the past. In this context, it’s no surprise that the first act is off to a goofy and bizarre start (think an entire skit about sexualizing ham). The results are mixed but definitely raunchy on the whole. As a regular attendee I would say it wasn’t their best show but wasn’t their worst. I had a great time and enjoyed the festive mood and production.

All I Want for Christmas is You…To Elf Off is at the Dudley Riggs Theatre in Minneapolis through January 27, 2024. Tickets start at $40.


• 50% off Student/Educator Discount
• 2 ticket limit per valid Student/Educator ID
• In person at the Dudley Riggs Box Office – Day of only if available