REVIEW: HIP HOP with B-Boy J-Sun

I had the pleasure of attending a performance by HIP HOP featuring B-Boy J-Sun & Crew at The Cowles Center last night.  I highly recommend this show if you like B-boy or dance.  The show is artistic, smart and well produced.  It has personality, soul and amazing choreography.  It is kid friendly, but not childish.  I wondered if a whole show focused on B-boy would get boring after awhile but there was nothing boring about this show.  It featured many different hip hop styles with choreography that told a story, live music and awesome light design to keep the audience thoroughly entertained.

This may not be the cheapest event in town, with tickets starting at $12 (see below), but you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck!  I very highly recommend this show!

February 21-23, 2014
The Cowles Center
528 Hennepin Ave.
Tickets start at $16.
DEAL ALERT: Save $4 per ticket when you check in to The Cowles Center on your Yelp app!  Limited 5 tickets per check in)