REVIEW: Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group is back in town with an all-new show. With drumming, paint splattering, stunts, and nonverbal comedy, the 120 minute performance stays true to what made prior Blue Man Group shows popular. The elaborate set is a feast for the eyes and provides a vivid contrast to the three blue men on stage in their signature black jumpsuits. The show excels in its ability to be entertaining to people of all ages. In a time when there’s no shortage of heavy news, this is all about levity and escape. You don’t have to worry. There’s no plot, no theme, no message to mull over or any kind. It exists solely to make you smile throughout, and, really, isn’t that enough of a reason to go?

PRO TIP: This show is so loud that the theater has buckets of ear plugs for patrons. It seems to me that’s a big sign that they should reduce the volume but alas, they are sticking with ear plugs. I highly recommenced you grab some from an user or bring your own high fidelity version. This show is so loud you feel the vibrations through your seat and it would have been uncomfortable to watch without ear protection.

DEAL ALERT: Student/educator rush tickets are available! $30 per ticket — CASH ONLY. The State Theatre Box Office will start selling in person at 2 hours prior to curtain. Students/educators may purchase up to 2 tickets per valid school ID. Subject to availability.

Blue Man Group is at the State Theatre in Minneapolis through February 9, 2020. Tickets start at $40.