REVIEW: Cheaper than Hamilton

The Brave New Workshop is celebrating its 65th season with Cheaper than Hamilton. As the promotional blurb states, the show has nothing to do with Alexander Hamilton or its related musical or else tickets would probably cost a lot more. The sketch comedy show is quite funny and pokes fun at political and societal quirks. My favorite skit “Just Say It” hilariously made fun of non-confrontational types in game show fashion. Another favorite skit of mine attacked pillows having life instructions on them with a level of energy that really emphasized how absurd it is for people to take cues from message on housewares. I found myself a bit disappointed, however, that a good portion of the skits are recycled from prior shows within the past year or so. Because I haven’t missed a BNW show since the theater was located in Uptown, the reuse of old-yet-recent material wasn’t exciting and left me feeling a bit disappointed.  This is a great show to catch if you have not seen a Brave New Workshop show in awhile but if you are a regular you may be less tempted.

Cheaper than Hamilton is at the Dudley Riggs Theatre in Minneapolis thru November 4, 2023. Tickets start at $20.