REVIEW: Come From Away

Come From Away” is a compelling musical set in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, focusing on the heartwarming true story of the residents of Gander, Newfoundland, who opened their homes and hearts to thousands of stranded travelers.

Opening night was Friday June 6th at the Ordway. The auditorium was warm but within the first few minutes of the show opening I was covered in goosebumps as the impact of September 11th was reenacted in front of us.

Gander, Newfoundland used to be the largest airport in the world during the 1950’s and 1960’s as a stop for planes to prepare before making the transatlantic flight. As planes improved , the airport was no longer necessary to stop. Come 2001 Gander received a handful of planes each day. On September 11,2001  38 planes landed in a matter of hours and with that nearly 7000 passengers from 93 countries.

The stage set was simple yet amazing as it consisted of two tables, a handful of chairs and a talented cast who transported us from the town, to different airplanes, busses, shelters and even a local watering hole. This cast played so many roles thru out the performance. With the use of small costume changes cleverly hidden in jacket pockets and draped over chairs , we are seamlessly introduced to passengers on the plane and members of the community.

This show is a heart warming representation of a town who opened their arms, homes and hearts to so many people without expecting anything in return. You will laugh, cry, sigh, maybe cry again and then leave the show wrapped in love and joy in celebration of humanity. /div>

Come From Away is at the Ordway in St. Paul through June 16, 2024.
Review by Rachel Gorman