REVIEW: Curio Dance – Drop the Mic!

Curio Dance is brought to you by Dario Mejia and Giselle Mejia.  Just knowing they have performed on America’s Got Talent, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Good Morning America, the TODAY Show, at MGM Grand in Las Vegas and at Radio City Music Hall in NYC gives you some indication of the level of their talent. I know little about dance but it is clear that they are exceptional.

In their latest production, Co-operation, they bring along a bus full of friends to bring you show that is diverse.  Co-operation features contemporary, classical, latin and urban dance.  Therefore, Co-Operation is a great production for the casual dance theater attendee. You don’t have to know anything about the styles or music, you can simply sit back and be entertained. If you aren’t a huge fan of one piece, another, completely difference piece is only a minute or two away. Co-Operation is nonstop entertainment. They even feature a bboy dance party at intermission to keep the mood festive and energized.

Last night’s opening performance included production and performance mishaps but that didn’t distract from the entertainment value. The dancers have some serious talent but they do not take themselves too seriously. The vibe is casual and the show is all about having a great time, which you will undoubtedly have.

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Through June 21, 2015
The Cowles Center
528 Hennepin Ave.
Tickets: $25