REVIEW: Doubt & discount ticket offer

I was invited to watch the dress rehearsal of Doubt by the Minnesota Opera last night.  Doubt is a brand new opera and its world debut is January 26th.

Suspicion ignites a battle of wills. Sister Aloysius embarks on a personal crusade to ruin Father Flynn, whom she accuses of abusing their school’s only black student. Based on the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning play.

Doubt is surprisingly witty and humorous considering the dark subject matter.  During the first act, there was an abundance of moments where the audience laughed out loud.

It’s my overall impression that Doubt is the perfect opera for a newbie.  It’s not your average opera in that it’s relatively modern and the words “whoa” and “booger” are even mentioned (which makes them all the more amusing when sung by world class singers).  That said, the modern lyrics can sound somewhat awkward when sung in such a classical fashion. The orchestral score is fresh, exciting and strongly resembles something you would hear at a movie.  It’s also in English and is faster paced than most of the operas I’ve seen; although the second act is a bit slower and felt too long.  

I rarely feel the need to comment too much on the acting and singing for productions from the Minnesota Opera.  The quality of the talent they bring in is so consistently high that I expect nothing less than brilliance and I’m never disappointed.   Doubt was no exception.  Even the kids, who had a relatively large role in the production, were impressive.

January 26-February 3, 2013 at The Ordway in St. Paul
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